You will use what you have learned from reading The Lemonade Wars by Jacquline Davies to create a lemonade stand of your own!

Watch this video to refresh your memory on how to run a lemonade stand:

How To Run a Lemonade Stand

Like Evan and Jessie, we will see who can win in our own Lemonade War! 

Your task is to create a business plan and advertisement for your lemonade stand. To do this you will need to find the price of your lemonade. You will also have to think of ways to make your lemonade stand more noticeable than the other students' lemonade stands! But don't worry about that now, you will learn how to do that in the next step. You can choose to work alone or with a partner.

For your advertisement, you can make one of the following:

  • A poster
  • A video (30 seconds to a minute long)
  • A "jingle" (A song about your lemonade that you will record)
  • A website
If you have another idea, please see me before you begin.

Click "Process" to continue your journey!